Fragrant food to savor
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Fragrant food to savor

Na La Restaurant (那家盛宴) opened not long ago at the foot of Fragrant Hills and has genuine visual and gustatory impact. Simple but grand, its Chinese-style dcor is particularly impressive. One of the owners is ethnic Manchu and wanted to give the restaurant the look of a Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) official's house.

Tables and chairs are traditional Chinese style; while plates, bowls and spoons are in imperial bright yellow, or gold. The entire house is constructed of lumber and has high ceilings and a roomy ambiance. The result is relaxing, comfortable. There are also 16 private rooms, each with a different style, besides a public area capable of seating 60 guests.

The food is presented beautifully. Ground pine nut gives the chicken slices (松仁鸡卷) a delightful fragrance. Assorted seafood (盛宴海杂拌) is another good starter, with shrimp, squid slices, jellyfish and cucumber.

For main dishes, try roast lamb back, Manchu and Mongolian style (满蒙香煎羊外脊), served on an enlarged version of the skewer. The bean curd in chicken broth (御品豆腐) looks like jade and the soup is delicious. Imperial pocket buns (王府口袋包子) are served in a kilo of fried sesame, which can be taken away after being served.

At the beginning of a banquet in the private rooms, homemade yogurt is served with honey and sweet-scented osmanthus flower, with four dim sums, and four nuts and fruits. The average bill is 180 yuan per person excluding drinks.

Daily 11:30 am-9:30 pm. B58 Maimai Jie, Fragrant Hills, Haidian district. 6286-8566


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