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作者:未知    文章来源:大耳朵英语    点击数:    更新时间:2013-6-8 【我来说两句

Shopping with friends was bad news for your bank balance

Shopping with friends may be bad news for your bank balance, but at least you'll get your money's worth.


Experts found two thirds (62 per cent) of women who trawl the shops with a female friend will spend more money than those who venture to the high street on their own.


Girls tend to fork out £37.25 more each time they go out with their friends than when they go alone.


The study also shows that over the course of one year ladies will spend up to £894 more than if they had gone on a spree unaccompanied.


But it’s not all bad news, as two thirds of women feel more confident in the clothes they have bought if they have had the opinion of their friends while trying them on.


And the same percentage feels happier after hitting the shops in good company, than alone.


A spokeswoman for Liverpool ONE, which commissioned the study of 2, 000 women, said: 'Shopping with friends, while sometimes a more costly experience, can often be far more enjoyable than going to the high street alone.

利物浦时尚零售购物中心Liverpool ONE的一个女发言人说:“与闺蜜逛街,尽管有时候是一个更奢侈的经历,但可以比起独自逛街获得更多的享受。” 她委托进行这项研究调查了2000个女性。

'Girlfriends are great to have around as they’ll happily help you choose something to wear, will love to help you accessorise and will give an honest opinion in the changing rooms. When shopping alone, it is easy to decide not to bother buying anything if you’re not sure whether outfits are complementary, and if your guilty conscience wins.


'Girly shopping trips aren’t just about the purchases either, they often include lunch, coffee, catching up on the gossip - they’re a fun day out, and worth a little extra cash.' The study shows more than half of ladies polled would be disappointed if they returned from a shopping trip empty handed.

“闺蜜购物之旅不仅仅只是买东西,还通常包括午餐、咖啡、八卦——她们在外的一整天都很开心,并且这对于多花的一点钱很值。” 研究表示,超过一半的女性如果购物之旅后空手而归会觉得很沮丧。

Indeed, three quarters say that when shopping with friends, they actively encourage each other to buy clothes, shoes, accessories and toiletries just so they all have bags to carry home。


And two thirds of women admit they can be easily talked into making a purchase if they aren’t sure about it - something which wouldn’t happen on alone trip.


Unsurprisingly, 73 per cent of women say they always shop for longer if they are with their mates - a trip into town can take two and a half hours longer than usual.


Four in 10 girls say their friends are brilliant to shop with because they pick out items to try on which they wouldn’t normally consider - a quarter of ladies are more open to trying different styles when in company.


A further fifth like the ego boost their friends give them, while 22 per cent appreciate the fact they don’t feel guilty for spending money in their presence.


A quarter of girls like the fact their friends have patience when shopping, rather than fidgeting by the door way. And 43 per cent say the whole day ends up being so much fun.


The spokeswoman added: 'This survey proves that despite the fact women spend more money when shopping with their friends they have a better time than shopping alone. You can’t put a value on friendship and quality time so spending a little extra when you go shopping can’t be a bad thing.


The study also polled women to find out if there were any downsides of shopping with friends - aside from the extra expense.


It found that one in 10 girls had bought an item as recommended by a friend, only to return home and find their bum did look big in it after all.


Just over a third sometimes get bored traipsing round after friends when they go into shops they don’t really like. And 28 per cent don’t like it when their friends take too long deciding what to buy.



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