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作者:未知    文章来源:财富中文网    点击数:    更新时间:2013-6-17 【我来说两句

From waitress to real estate queen

Barbara Corcoran's story would make perfect fodder for movies or TV: A diner waitress with moxie takes a $1,000 loan, uses it to build the first woman-owned real estate firm in New York City, and rises to the top of residential real estate in the city before selling her firm, the Corcoran Group, for $66 million in 2001. Sure enough, the woman who once owned 14 red suits -- her visual trademark -- eventually found her way to the small screen, with regular roles on the Today show and Shark Tank, a reality hunt for entrepreneurial talent. Her bestselling books share business advice, and today Corcoran, 64, who was once too terrified to speak in public, enjoys giving motivational talks. Her story:

芭芭拉•柯克兰的经历绝对是改编电影或者电视剧的完美素材:一名勇气十足的餐厅女服务生借了1,000美元,用这笔钱创办了纽约市第一家女性做老板的房地产公司,并成为纽约市顶尖的住宅房地产公司。2001年,她将其公司柯克兰集团(Corcoran Group)以6,600万美元的价格出售。当然,这位拥有14套红色西装(她的标志性着装)的女士,最终以另外的方式登上了电视荧幕,成为《今日秀》(Today)和《创智赢家》(Shark Tank)的常客。《创智赢家》是挖掘创业人才的真人秀节目。她在畅销书中分享自己的商业建议。如今,64岁的柯克兰喜欢发表鼓舞人心的演讲,虽然她曾经非常害怕在公共场合讲话。下面就是她的非凡经历:

I grew up in Edgewater, N.J., the second oldest of 10 kids, and even though it was a very poor town, I thought we were the Kennedys because my father wore a suit to work. He was a printing-press foreman, and my mother was a housewife.


I went to Catholic school, and it was an accomplishment for me to make straight D's. I say this because there's always a dumb kid in school who thinks grades have something to do with what you end up doing in life. They don't. It's street smarts that helped me succeed. I had 20 jobs before I graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas College in 1971, doing everything from selling hot dogs to being an orphanage housemother in my senior year.

我上的是教会学校,能全部达到D的成绩,对我来说是不小的成就。我之所以这么说,是因为学校里总是有一个笨蛋认为,分数与未来过什么样的生活有着一定的关系。但实际上没有任何关系。帮助我取得成功的是我的草根智慧。1971年从圣汤姆斯•阿奎纳斯学院(St. Thomas Aquinas College)毕业之前,我做过20份各种各样的工作。我卖过热狗,四年级的时候还当过孤儿院的女管理员。

After college, I met my boyfriend Ray Simone, a small builder in New Jersey, while waitressing at a diner. He gave me a $1,000 loan, and we started a business together called Corcoran-Simone in 1973. He got 51%, and I became a rental agent in Manhattan.


One day I started showing rentals to an engineer from Union Carbide, who said he wanted to buy a place. I had no listings, but walked him all over town, acting as though I knew what I was doing, and he ended up buying one. It was sheer happenstance. He paid around $50,000, which meant a $3,000 commission, more than 10 times a rental commission. I decided we were supposed to go into sales, and advertised for a sales agent the next day.

有一天,我正在向一位来自联合碳化物公司(Union Carbide)的工程师介绍出租房屋,但他说自己想买一栋房子。当时我手头并没有房源,但我还是陪他跑遍全城,表现得好像自己非常专业。最后他真的买了一套。这件事纯粹是偶然。他支付了大约50,000美元,这意味着我可以得到3,000美元的佣金,是租房佣金的10倍以上。于是,我绝的我们应该涉足房屋销售,第二天就开始打销售代理商的广告。

I had this routine. In 1973 a three-line New York Times ad cost about $180. Whenever I had more than $180 in receivables, I'd hire a new agent. If you could pay for an ad with your new agent's name on it, the agent was happy. The minute I had enough to hire a new person, I rented double the space needed. I was getting a taste for the higher commissions, and by 1975 I was doing only sales.

我摸清了一个门道。1973年《纽约时报》(New York Times)上三行字的广告成本约180美元。只要我的应收款项超过180美元,我就会新聘一个代理人。如果花钱做的广告上带有代理人的名字,代理人会非常高兴。每次有足够的钱雇佣一个新人时,我就租用两倍的广告空间。我尝到了更高佣金的甜头,于是到1975年的时候,我就只做房屋销售业务了。

We had 14 agents and our annual revenue was about $560,000 when Ray told me he was marrying another woman. As we divided the company in 1978, he said, "You'll never succeed without me." Those words branded my soul. I started the Corcoran Group to prove my ability to succeed.


Back then there were no female-owned real estate firms in the city. The business was worked by women and owned by men. I wore short skirts and bright colors to stand apart from the crowd. I was not welcome, but I was noticed. That first year, I had seven agents and revenues of $350,000.


It was fun building a business. We never had a Christmas party in December. We did it in February because I could get a cheap price for a fabulous place. I'd have massage guys give people 15-minute massages at their desks. It's a high-stress job selling real estate, and anything you do for an employee above and beyond says "I love you." When you love people, they love you back. Those at the top of the food chain got along because people forgot they were competitors. That culture made us different from everyone else.


The biggest challenge was cash flow. When things were good, I spent money quickly to invest in the business. But in 1980 I owed a lot and needed $10,000 to keep going. In a moment of desperation, I almost sold 50% of my business to a French gentleman I'd done some work for. I don't remember his name. We shook hands, but he changed his mind, and a couple of months later, the market changed. I was able to hang on.


I never knew what the revenue was. I left that to Esther Kaplan, the first agent I hired after leaving Ray. She eventually became a 10% partner in the Corcoran Group. Esther had her finger on the overhead and was a genius at increasing our credit lines with the banks. She'd do cash projections, and if she knew that we'd have an extra $80,000 in August, she wouldn't tell me. She was right, because if I knew it, I'd have spent it.


By 1993 we were selling real estate online, two years before our competitors. I also registered all the URLs for my competitors who had a brand so that they'd have to come to me when they wanted the name. I didn't charge them for the URL. I just wanted them to call and ask for it so that I'd know when the competition started selling online. The little guys, who had to be creative, called first. The largest companies called last.


In 1988 I had married Bill Higgins, who was running his parents' real estate firm at the time. After eight years of in vitro treatments, at age 46 I gave birth to our son, Tommy. That was the biggest challenge in my life and a dream come true. It also led to selling my company. Back then -- before there were multiple-listing services -- I kept tabs on listings weekly. One day, in 2001, I saw that we had more listings than all our competitors in every category. I had reached my goal of being the No. 1 broker in New York. I realized I wanted to be there 150% for my family in the office, and 150% for Tommy, and I couldn't do both. So I decided to sell. I had 850 salespeople, and revenue was about $97 million.


NRT [now part of residential real estate giant Realogy] was the big buyer in town. So I hired an attorney on its board and told him I was interested in selling. He, of course, went to NRT. When he called and said he'd gotten me $20 million, I said, "Tell them I'll take $66 million," and hung up. Sixty-six is my lucky number. We signed the contract on Friday night before 9/11 and closed two weeks later. I convinced Henry Silverman, the chairman of NRT, that he was buying the best company poised for shooting forward in the industry.


I started reflecting and decided to write my first book [If You Don't Have Big Breasts, Put Ribbons on Your Pigtails]. After a year, I was going crazy with no people around me. I realized I love attention. Since I'd been interviewed on TV a lot as head of the Corcoran Group, I became a political contributor for Fox TV. It wasn't a good fit, and I went to Good Morning America as a real estate contributor. In 2007 I moved to the Today show. I think I'll die with my boots on there.

然后,我开始自我反思,并决定写第一本书【《利用你拥有的一切》(If You Don't Have Big Breasts, Put Ribbons on Your Pigtails)】。离开前呼后拥的生活一年以后,我几乎要抓狂。我发现自己喜欢被人关注。担任柯克兰集团领导人的时候,我经常接受电视采访。因此,我成为福克斯电视台(Fox TV)的一名政治撰稿人。可惜,这份工作并不适合我,于是我成为《早安美国》(Good Morning America )的一名房地产撰稿人。2007年,我加入了《今日秀》节目。我想我应该再也不会离开这个节目。

In 2009 I got a call from Mark Burnett Productions, asking if I'd be interested in being one of the investors on Shark Tank. I signed the option agreement without even reading it. I e-mailed Mark Burnett and told him he should fly me out for a tryout. He did, and I was hired. Later he told me I was the only shark who e-mailed him about their interest in being on the show.

2009年,我收到马克伯内特制作公司(Mark Burnett Productions)打来的电话,问我是否有兴趣成为《创智赢家》的一名投资人。我毫不犹豫便签署了期权协议。我给马克•伯内特发去了邮件,告诉他应该让我参加一次试镜。他同意了,于是我被录用了。后来他告诉我,我是唯一发邮件告诉他自己有兴趣参加节目的嘉宾。

I'm always asked what makes a great entrepreneur, and I was curious about who's starting businesses in America today. So we did the Corcoran Entrepreneur Report, which shows that in 2012, 67% of all people starting a business during the preceding year were immigrants. Thirty-eight percent of those starting a business today didn't graduate from high school, which begs the question of the emphasis put on MBAs.

总是有人问我,怎样才能成为一名优秀的创业者。我很好奇如今都是哪些人在美国创业。于是,我们推出了“柯克兰创业报告”(Corcoran Entrepreneur Report)。2012年的报告显示,之前一年创业的所有人当中,有67%是美国移民。目前,38%的创业者没有高中毕业,这也引起了关于重视MBA的问题。

I think business plans are overrated. To this day I can't read a financial report. You're better off having a picture of what you want in your head. Half of business is planning, and half is reacting. It's always changing. So visualize what you want and stay motivated by your dream.


My advice


Have the courage to seize opportunity. The first time I met Donald Trump, I'd produced a report called the Top 10 Condominium Survey in New York, and his building was near the bottom. He was so upset. I quickly thought up a solution. Instead of looking at what a room would sell for, the way it was done then, we could calculate price per square foot, which would put him on top. He became my biggest advocate.

拥有抓住机会的勇气。第一次遇见唐纳德•特朗普(美国投资人,真人秀《学徒》主持人——译注)时,我准备了一份名为《纽约市十大公寓楼调查》(Top 10 Condominium Survey in New York)的报告,其中他的大楼几乎垫底。他非常不满,但我很快就想出一个解决方案。我们可以不看一个房间的出售价格、出售的方式等等,而是可以计算每平方英尺的价格,这样就能让他位居榜首。于是,他成了我的头号拥趸。

Don't let rejection stop you. I spent $71,000 to videotape all our listings. My salespeople wouldn't show the tapes for fear a buyer would take them to another broker, and they'd lose the sale. So I posted the tapes on Corcoran.com, and we had our first online sale within a week. I'd stepped into the next big thing by trying another angle.


Protect the optimism of your firm. The minute I spotted a chronic complainer, I'd fire them. I didn't care how much money they brought in because negativity kills optimism and belief in the future.



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