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作者:stephen    文章来源:方向标教育网    点击数:    更新时间:2008-5-5 【我来说两句






Many forms of apparatus have been devised by which a more ac- curate knowledge of blood pressure can be obtained.人们已经设计出许多医疗器械,通过这些医疗器械,可以对血压有一个更为精确的了解。

Hardly a man came to the exhibition but was deeply impressed by the originality of his works.来参观的人几乎无一不对他的作品的创造性留下深刻印象。


Singapore is at the start of a long road,already well trodden in the west,that leads to such solutions as shelter and rest homes.新加坡眼下正踏上一条西方国家早已走了很远的漫长道路,即最终建立收容所和休养院来解决问题。

Does this mean that in time fish might learn to leave alone all food on hooks that they have seen before?这难道不就意味着,鱼儿很快就可能学会避开那些它们常见的鱼钩上的食物吗?


Never say anything behind a person's back that you wouldn't say to his face.当面不愿说的话,千万不要在背后说。

I remember viewing a half dozen men in a chair factory whose job was to bend several pieces of steel and attach them so that a folding chair would result.我记得曾在一家椅子厂见过六个工人,他们的工作是将几根钢管弯曲并组成一把折椅。

Tem perature plays the same part in the flow of heat that pres- sure does in the flow of fluids.温度在热的传导中所起的作用和压力在液体的流动中所起的作用相同。


The cook turned pale,and asked the housem aid to shut the door,who asked Brittles,who asked the tinker,who pretended not to hear.厨子的脸色变得苍白,要女仆把门关上,女仆叫布立特尔关,布立特尔又叫补锅匠关,而补锅匠装着没听见。


One was a violent thunderstorm ,the worst I had ever seen,which obscured my objective.有一次是暴风骤雨,猛烈的程度实为我平生所仅见。这阵暴风雨遮住了我的目标。


Is there anyone you can think of who may know which hospital he was sent to?你能不能想到有谁可能知道他被送往哪一家医院了?



Mr.Leon said in the future,computer would be developed which would be small enough to carry in the pocket.利昂先生说,将来会生产出小得可以放在口袋里的计算机。


Chinese trade delegations have been sent to African countries,who will negotiate trade agreem ents with the respective govern-

The day is not far off when a lot of housework can be done by machine.大量家务活由机器来干的日子不远了。


There was som ething original,independent and heroic about the plan that pleased all of them .这个方案有创造性,而且别出心裁,又有魅力,所以深得他们的喜欢。

No doubt there are questions of princi- ple involved which can not be ignored and underestimated.无疑,这里涉及人们不能忽视或低估的原则问题。



Yet there exist com plex computations in science and engineer-ing which people are unable to make.到目前为止,在科学和工程方面还存在许多人们无能为力的复杂计算。

He merely swallows this theory because there is something about it that appeals to the twentieth-century m entality.他全盘接受这一理论,只是因为这一理论中有一种迎合二十世纪心理的东西。

I think it is clear that each side entertainssuspicions of the other which are unjust.我认为双方显然相互怀着没有正当理由的猜疑。


There is som ebody waiting for you who I think might be one of your friends from your native town.有个人在外面等你,我想这个人可能就是你家乡的一位朋友。

The molecules exert forces upon each other,which depend upon the distance between them .分子相互之间存在着力的作用,该力的大小取决于它们的距离。

The result of this is the retention of too much air in the respiratory tract at each expiration which prevents the fresh air from being taken in at the next inhalation from reaching the lung alveoli.其结果就是在每次呼气时呼吸道里保留过多的空气,这样就在下次吸气时妨碍吸入的新鲜空气抵达肺泡里。


He is a wise man who speaks little.智者言少。

No method is known by which it is possible to create energy out of nothing.大家知道,根本没有什么方法能够凭空创造能量。



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