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作者:沪江英语    文章来源:shine.yahoo.com    点击数:    更新时间:2013-5-25 【我来说两句




Little is known about Ahmed Angel, the Iraqi model who has taken the Internet by storm this week. However, we do know this: He's a splendid specimen of mankind with a knack for flaunting his fabulous Photoshop skills. There's even a tribute video called "Ahmed is planet."
关于艾哈默德▪安吉尔我们知之甚少,这位伊拉克模特这周爆红网络。不过我们了解的是:他是一位特别赞的人类同胞代表,懂得如何炫耀自己超棒的PS技术。 网络上甚至出现了一个叫"Ahmed is planet"的致敬视频。

Just who is Ahmed Angel, the mysteriously bright-eyed, shiny-haired, self-loving poser trending online everywhere from Reddit to Kotaku to BuzzFeed? We're not certain, honestly. But here's what we've gathered so far:

1. He is planet. And in a loving tribute to himself, he shows us all what that means.
他是行星,在他自己上传的那个叫"Ahmed is planet"的致敬视频中,安吉尔告诉我们这句话是什么意思。

2. He rocks acid-washed jeans. And not only that—he can look equally divine in shades of mustard, turquoise, taupe, cherry-red, yellow, chartreuse, pink, and white.


3. He’s accomplished, yet still learning. Angel is both a doctor and a student. (It all depends which Facebook account you’re referring to—the regular page, on which he’s a student, or the “official” page, on which he’s a doctor, and which is the only page “liked” by the regular one.)
他才华横溢但仍在学习。安吉尔既是医生又是学生。(这得看你浏览的是哪个脸谱主页——普通版页面上显示他是学生,但“官方版” 页面上他是医生。而且后者是前者唯一的“喜欢”对象。) 

4. His FB fans are gushers. They tell him, “You make my life complete,” and, “You are a wonderful creature,” and call him “mega-inspirational,” “amazing,” “the best forever,” “more beautiful than the sun and the moon combined,” and, simply, “stunning.”
安吉尔的脸谱粉丝毫不掩饰对其赞美之词:“你让我生命完整了” 还有“你是神一般的存在”,这些粉丝说他“有巨大的精神鼓舞力”、“无比迷人”、“永远世界第一”、“比太阳月亮加起来更美丽”,还有简洁概括的“美呆了”。

5. His hometown is Iraq. But he’s already a “superstar” in the Middle East, Europe, and Russia, he notes.


6. He was a social-media Johnny Come Lately. Despite being a photographic and photogenic genius, Angel only first graced FB with his presence in January 2012. But he also has a vibrant presence on VK, a Russian social networking site with 43 million daily users.

7. He’s a holy man. Angel is a Muslim, according to VK, who is inspired by Allah and looks down upon drinking alcohol and smoking. (His “personal priority,” however, is “fame and influence.”)

8. He’s nothing if not well coiffed. Note the shapely eyebrows, glossed hair, made-up eyes and perfectly placed beauty mark. Or is it real?


9. He’s a nature lover. Doves, dolphins, Gerbera daisies, butterflies, lilies, clouds, the Milky Way, expanses of green lawn, and the cerulean sea: Angel lovingly shares photo space with each, and never hogs the frame.

10. He’s multi-lingual. Angel is a speaker of English, Russian, Arab and French. And love.


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