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作者:stephen    文章来源:方向标英语网    点击数:    更新时间:2011-1-30 【我来说两句











  然而,谷歌和其他高科技供应商严密监测其效率且取得了进展。检测是减少二氧化碳排放量的第一步,但是还有很多事情需要我们去做,而这些事情不只是通过大公司来做 。



  许多日常工作都会对环境产生令人震惊的破坏作用,根据搜索出正确答案所需要的尝试次数多少,一次谷歌搜索会释放0.2到0.7克的二氧化碳。为了迅速将结果传递给使用者,谷歌需要在全球范围内维护其配备了强大的计算机的庞大数据中心,在产生大量二氧化碳气体的同时,这些计算机也将释放巨大的热量,因此这些数据中心需要良好的空调(huajie yuanchuang qingwuchaoxi)系统,而这需要耗费更多的能源。





  Dear Li Ming,

  I am very glad to hear that you have been admitted to university and give my sincere congratulations to you. Honestly speaking, you are the best student in your school and you really deserve it。

  And here it’s my pleasure to give some suggestions for you to well get prepared for your university. Do as many reading as you can so that you can have a good result in your university studying. What’s more, visit your campus in advance. This can help you familiar with your new life。

  If you have something else to know, please reach me at your convinience. Hope my suggestions be helpful to you. My sincere congratulations again.Yours affectionately,

  Li Ming


  As is shown in the chart above dramatic changes have taken place in the car market share within two years (from 2008 to 2009). The most obvious change was the market share of national brand, which had increased nearly by 10%, while Japans car market share decreased roughly by 10%. The percentage of the US car remained stable between 2008 to 2009.

  There are numerous reasons accounting for the phenomenon and Iwould like to explore a few of the most important ones here. Above all, as the development of technique and knowledge in native company, a growing number of car corporation developed many high qualified cars. Therefore, the national people changed the attitude to the native brandsand acknowledge them. Whats more, an overwhelming majority of people have been affected by the country patriotism ideology, party owing to some actions of Japan triggering the emotion of people. Finally, TOYOTO brake error accidents significantly affects Japanese cars reputations and images. Safety concerns drove customers away from Japanese products. Fuel price drove consumers away from those American petrol digging and luxury cars. So it is not difficult to observe their steady performance。

  Based on what has been discussed above, I may reasonably conclude that the tendency described in graphic will continue for quite a long time. Hopefully, govemment could offer more friendly policies to Chinese auto manufacturers to encourage quality improvement and technology innovation。



  Dear Ling Ming,

  I am very happy to learn that you have been admitted by the university. I would like to express to you my warmest congratulation。

  As your cousin, I sincerely hope you could have a good beginning in the university. Therefore, I would like to give you some suggestions for your preparation for this. First of all, it will be helpful if you could accumulate some computing skills before you attend the university. Second, it would be nice if you could make some friends online from the same university, which will help you to get used to the environment of the school quickly in the future。

  I hope my suggestions could mean something for you。


  It can be seen from the chart above that there was an increase in the market share of domestic brand products from 2008 to 2009. However, the market share of Japanese brand products was on a steady fall from 2008 to 2009. In 2008, the market share of Japanese product account for nearly 15%. Whereas in 2009 domestic product hold nearly 14% of the market share。

  What accounts for this phenomenon? On the one hand, China has become particularly active in manufacturing, which leads to the increasing market share of domestic products. On the other hand, it has something to do with the history between China and Japan. In the past several years, some widespread campaigns were launched to cultivate citizen’s awareness of anti-Japanese products in China, which, to some degree, contributes to the decrease of the market share of Japanese products. Taking all these factors into consideration, we may predict that with the rapid development of the economy in China, this tendency will keep going in the forthcoming years。

  As far as I am concerned, it would be advisable to hold a positive attitude towards the phenomenon. However, we should not only focus on the development of economy but also try to life the national morality. Only in this way can we hope to have a harmonious society。


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