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作者:stephen    文章来源:方向标英语网    点击数:    更新时间:2011-12-14 【我来说两句

听力部分 (30分)

一、 听录音,选出你所听到的内容。(4‘)

( ) 1. A. away B. way C. always

( ) 2. A. quiet B. quick C. quickly

( ) 3. A. twelfth B. twentieth C. twenty

( ) 4. A. cartoon B. costume C. carry

( ) 5. A. June B. July C. juice

( ) 6.A. March B. match C. much

( ) 7.A. 4:20 B. 2.40 C. 4:12

( ) 8.A. of B. off C. out

二、 听问句,选出正确的答句。(5’)

( ) 1. A. On a farm. B. In a school. C. In a factory.

( ) 2. A. Monday. B. Saturday. C. Sunday.

( ) 3. A. Sure, I‘d love to. B. I like a big birthday cake.

C. I like making puppets.

( ) 4.A. Perhaps they are behind the sofa.

B. Maybe it’s under the sofas.

C. It‘s between the chairs, I think.

( ) 5.A. Yes, he does. B. Yes, he was. C. Yes, he did.


( ) 1. A. in the cornerB. in front of the TVC. on the floor

( ) 2. A. No parkingB. No litteringC. No smoking

( ) 3. A. on the 6th of August 。 B. on the 16th of August.

C. on the 16th of October.

( ) 4. A. on the ground B. in my pocketC. on the table

( ) 5. A. on the 3rd of October. B. on the 3rd of November.

C. on the 3rd of December

四、 听录音,判断下列图片是否正确。(6‘)

1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6.

五、 听录音,将下列对话或短文补充完整。10’

Traveling is my ______ , so I _______ to Qingdao with my mother this summer vocation. Qingdao is a _______ near the sea. Because this is my ________ time to see the sea, I felt very ________. The sea is very clean and wide. We ________ fish and other things in the sea ,then we _________ and ate them. It was so delicious. In the _________ morning ,we watched the sunrise. Woo, how ________ it was! That ________ one of my favourite trips. I like it so much.



( ) 1. A. near B. bear C. year D. hear

( ) 2. A. bright B. might C. eighty D. tonight

( ) 3. A. camp B. apple C. hat D. grape

( ) 4. A. theatre B. bread C. head D. sweater

( ) 5. A. sports B. worker C. morning D. forty


1. 寻找他的眼镜 _______________ 6. 在四月 ________________

2.禁止乱丢杂物 ____________ 7.去年________________

3. 勿踏草坪____________ 8.No shaking trees _____________

4. 在五月三日 ____________ 9.take off her gloves___________

5. 拔胡萝卜 ____________ 10. two pieces of paper___________


1. I often __________ (play) computer games at the weekends.

I _________ computer games last weekend.

2. There _________ (be) a pair of earphones on the bed just now.

3. My sister ____________(not go) to the zoo last Sunday 。

4. I __________ (live) in a small town two years ago 。

But now I _______ in Shanghai.

5. Did you ________ (read ) magazines a moment ago? No, I _________.

I_________( run) in the playground.

6. Mike likes (take) photos. He ______ lots of photos last week.

7. All the people are very .They are having an __________ running race. (excite)

8. Would you like ___________ (taste) some strawberries?

9. Shall we ________ (ask) (he) the question?


( ) 1. The book _______on the chair just now 。 Where _______ it now?

A. is; is B. was; is C. was; was

( ) 2. My sister likes ________ music after lunch 。

A. listening to B. listen to C. to listen

( ) 3. My uncle‘s son is my _________ 。

A. brother B. cousin C. father

( ) 4. Yang Ling must ________ clothes every day 。

A. wash B. washs C. washes

( ) 5. I want to learn a lot _________ stamps 。

A. of B. about C. with

( ) 6. The photos are under the bed 。 He can’t pick ________ 。

A. up it B. up them C. them up

( ) 7. It‘s time for________ home 。 Let’s ______.

A. us to go, go B. we to go, to go C. I to go, go

( )8. It means “Danger” and we shouldn‘t __________ it.

A. keep off B. touch C. stay away from

( ) 9. Did you ________ the food there ? Yes, it was delicious.

A. like B. likes C. liked

( ) 10. Where ________ you yesterday ? I _______ at a camp.

A. was, was B. was , were C. were, was


1. She’d like making a cake for her family. ( )


2. Look! The children swim in the river now. ( )


3. Where were you go just now? ( )


4. The children want a ball. Please give one to he. ( )

A B C   D

5. My birthday is in the fourth of February. ( )

A  B  C D

十一、根据汉语意思完成下列句子:(10 分)

1. 看鸟笼上的那个标志,上面说:你不应该在这儿吃喝。

Look at the sign on the _________ _________.

It “ You eat or drink here.”

2. 你昨天做了什么?我和我父母参观了一个农场。我们在那挤牛奶了。那很有趣!

What _________ you do yesterday? I _________ a farm with my _______.

We ______ ________ there. That _______ _______!

3. 我每天放学后看卡通片,但昨天我没有看,我做家庭作业了。

I _________ cartoons _________ school every day 。 But I _________ watch them yesterday, I _________ my homework 。

4. 你想要什么作为生日礼物?我想要一些图画书。

What you like birthday _________ ?

I‘d like some ________ _________.


Last Sunday was my birthday. I h a birthday party at home. All my f_______ came to my home. Jenny gave me a lovely doll as a birthday p _______ 。 Jim dressed up in costumes and I thought he was the Monkey King. I got a skateboard from h______ 。 We s ______ the song “Happy Birthday to You” and then I blew out the ten

c _______ on the cake and made a wish. Do you want to know what my wish was? Haha, that‘s a secret! We had lots of f______ that day!



Long, long ago, there lived a young boy called John. He lived with his mother. One morning the mother went out. Before she left, she said to him: “John, while I’m away , stay near the door and watch it all the time ! ‘ She said this because there were a lot of thieves (小偷) in their country 。

John sat down next to the door. A few minutes later one of his aunts came. She asked “Where’s your mother?‘’ “She‘s out,” John answered. ’Oh. ‘ said his aunt, ’We‘re going to visit your house. Go and tell your mother.’

His aunt then went away, and John began to think, ‘Mother said,“Watch the door all the time!” and the aunt said,“ Go and tell your mother.”’

He thought and thought, then, at last, he had a nice idea 。 He pulled the door down, put it on his back and went to his mother with it.

( ) 1. His mother asked him to stay near the door all the time and watch it 。

( ) 2. There weren‘t any thieves in his country 。

( ) 3. John’s brother came to visit them that morning 。

( ) 4. John went to look for his mother with the door on his back in the end 。

( ) 5. John is a stupid(愚蠢的) boy 。


A young man is sitting in a bus. An old woman gets on the bus and stands in front of him. The young man stands up. The woman pushes (推) him back into his seat and says, “Don‘t stand up. I don’t want to sit down.”

The bus stops then. The man stands up again. The woman pushes him down and says, “You don‘t have to give me your seat. I like to stand.”

The bus stops again. The man stands up for the third time. The woman tries to push him down again. The man shouts (喊叫) , “Don’t push me, please. I have to get off the bus!”

( ) 1. The young man is in a bus and the woman is in the bus.

A. sitting, standing B. standing, sitting C. standing, standing

( ) 2. The young man is the old woman.

A. in front of B. behind C. under

( ) 3. The young man stands up for times, but the woman pushes him down.

A. one B. two C. three

( ) 4. The young man stands up again and again, because 。

A. He wants to get off the bus. B. He likes standing.

B. He wants to give the seat to the woman.

( ) 5. At last, the young man is very 。

A. happy B. angry C. nice


Mr Black is a teacher of English. He is not a very young man, but he is not old. He knows three languages, and reads and speaks and writes them well. He reads many books and writes some.

It is almost eleven o‘clock by the study clock, but he works late, sometimes till one o’clock in the morning. His big desk is in the middle of the room. On the shelf around the wall there are some books. He teaches students of Grade Six. He works every day except Saturday and Sunday. Those days are holidays.


1. What‘s Mr Black’s job?____________________________

2. What grade does he teach? _______________________________

3. Where‘s his big desk?______________________________

4. What time is it by his study clock?__________________________________

5. Does Mr Black work at the weekends?______________________________


五、 听录音,将下列对话或短文补充完整。6‘

Traveling is my hobby, so I went to Qingdao with my mother this summer vocation. Qingdao is a city near the sea. Because this is my first time to see the sea, I felt very excited. The sea is very clean and wide. We caught fish and other things in the sea ,then we cooked and ate them. It was so delicious. In the early morning ,we watched the sunrise. Woo, how beautiful it was!

That was one of my favourite trips. I like it so much.


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