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作者:stephen    文章来源:方向标英语网    点击数:    更新时间:2010-11-28 【我来说两句

41. catch sb doing 撞见……正在干……

  The thief caught stealing was sent to the police station.

  Several students were caught cheating in the college entrance examination and were punished severely.

  Send + n + doing使…..快速…..

  The arrival of police sent the robbers running away quickly.

  Work came that his father was badly ill. The sad news sent him going home at once.

  42. 独立结构:



  To be frank; to be honest; to tell the truth; to be safe; to be short

  To be short, we are faced with many issues and need to take immediate action to solve them.


  Comparatively/ frankly/ exactly/ generally/ honestly/ properly/ roughly speaking

  Speaking of / talking of 谈到/ 说道……judging from 从….来判断

  Considering 考虑到……鉴于.; 就…..而论

  Granting 假定; 姑且认为

  Talking of looking for jobs, what kind of job would you like to do in the future?

  Judging from the look on his face, he was lying.

  Granting this to be true/ that this is true, what conclusion can be drawn from it?

  43.It 形式主语

  It + 系动词 (be./seem…) + no good/ no use/ useless + doing sth

  It is no good reading without full understanding.

  He is too stubborn to change his mind. It’s no use arguing with him.

  As a student, it’s no good staying up too late.

  There + 系动词 ( be / seem….) + no doing sth = it’s impossible to do….做…..是不可能的

  There is no finishing the work in such a short time.

  = it’s impossible to finish the work in such a short time.

  There is little time left, so there is no arriving there on time.

  There’s no saying what he’ll be doing next.

  44. with 独立主格结构作定语或状语:

  (1) with + n + n (with可省略)

  The workforce is made up of 400 workers, (with) most of them women.

  = the workforce is made up of 400 workers, and most of them are women.

  = the workforce is made up of 400 workers, most of whom are women.

  (2) with + n + adj (with可省略)

  The students were listening to the teacher, their eyes wide open ( = and their eyes were wide open).

  (3) with + n + adv (with可以省略)

  The meeting over, we returned to the classroom. = when the meeting was over, we returned to the classroom.

  He pulled on his shirt, wrong side out. = he pulled on his shirt, but the wrong side was out.

  (4) (with) + n + prep –phrase

  The old man sat on the chair, with a pipe in his mouth/ pipe in mouth.

  The soldier stood there, gun in hand.

  (5) (with) + n + to do / to be done (表示将来动作)

  We arrived at the station at 10:00, with the train to leave at 10:30.

  With so many people to help the people in the flood-stricken area, they are sure to get over all the hardship.

  (6) (with) + n + doing / being done (表示正在进行) / having done (动作已经完成)

  It being sunny , the children decided to go outing.= as it was sunny, the children decided to go outing.

  His mother falling ill suddenly, he had to cancel his trip to look after her.= because his mother fell ill suddenly, he had to cancel his trip to look after her.

  Weather permitting, we’ll fly to Guangzhou today. = if weather permits, we’ll fly to Guangzhou today.

  The guests having left, she set out to tidy up the room.= after the guests had left, she set out tidy up the room.

  The freeway being repaired, we had to take other ways to return to Beijing. = because the freeway is being repaired, we had to take other ways to return to Beijing.

  (7) With + n + done/ having been done

  Her glasses broken, she couldn’t see the words on the blackboard.

  He stood there, his hands crossed on the chest, looking rather proud.

  Eg .1.______little time left, you’d better walk as fast as possible. B

  2. As______no time left, you’d better walk as fast as possible. D

  A. Being B. There being C. It being D. There is

  3. It ______Sunday, we went out to play. B

  4. Because it _____ Sunday , we went out to play. A

  A. was B. being C. were D. to be

  5. He sat there, his eyes _____ (fix) on the blackboard. ( fixed )

  6. The teacher was giving lessons, several old men _____ ( seat) at the back of the classroom.( seated )

  45. 疑问词 + 不定式 = 疑问词 + we shall/ should do…

  When to leave for London has not been decided yet.

  When we should leave for London has not been decided yet.

  Mr. Smith didn’t know whether to leave or stay there.

  I asked professor Xu how to learn English well.

  The question was where to get the medicine needed.

  I don’t know what to do next. = I don’t know what we should do next.

  46. it + seem / appear that 句型


  (1). It seems that he is enjoying himself. = he seems to be enjoying himself.

  (2). It seems that he has been admitted to Beijing university. = He seems to have been admitted to Beijing university.

  (3). It appears that there has been a mistake. = there appears to have been a mistake.

  47. it is thought / considered / believed that…..句型


  (1). It’s believed that China promises to be among the powerful countries in the world.

  = China is believed to promise to be among the powerful country in the world.

  (2). It is believed that he has been working hard and will be given a rise by the boss.

  = He is believed to have been working hard and to be given a rise by the boss.

  48. had hoped to do = hoped to have done表示没有实现的希望,打算,意图.

  类似的词还有expect, think, intend, mean, suppose, want

  Would like / love to have done….; was/were to have done….

  I had hoped / intended / meant / expected / wanted to call on my grandfather the other day, but I was prevented by a heavy rain.

  ------Did you go to see the film “Titanic” yesterday?

  ------I would like to have, but my mother suddenly fell ill and I had to attend her.

  Did you attend Tom’s birthday party yesterday?

  I’d like to have, but I was on duty.

  49. 主语 + be +adj + to do ….不定式说明主语在那些方面存在形容词所具备的特点.

  He is easy going , so I think he is quite to get along with.

  The solution to the problem is difficult to seek.

  The polluted river is unfit to bathe in.

  50. ing形式作宾语

  Admit, appreciate, avoid, consider, delay, dislike, enjoy, escape, excuse, face, feel like, finish, forgive, give up, imagine, include, keep, mention, mind, miss, practice, put off, resist, risk, suggest, understand, can’t help, fancy, can’t stand + v-ing.


  I must apologize for not letting you know ahead of time.

  The flight to shanghai was put off taking off due to the fog.

  -----What are you going to do this afternoon? ----- I’m thinking of going to visit my aunt.

  Have you made any plan for celebrating your birthday? On reaching home, she got down to cooking.

  They hurried on for fear of being caught in the rain .

  The man will die without being operated on.

  He used to play cards with his friends, but now he is used to taking a walk afer supper.

  We look forward to making a trip to Hangzhou.

  After cooking, Mother set about making tea.

  She takes great pleasure in helping others.

  Afraid of being late for school, he walked in great hurry.

  He insisted on being sent to the place where he was most needed.

  Education is the key to speeding up our modernization.

  He doesn’t feel like going to the exhibition today.

  Not being able to stand being laughed, he hit the boy in the face.

  On the way home, Bill kept on asking his father such questions.

  Nowadays in developed countries, people preferred living in the countryside to living in the city.

  The deer was so lucky that it just missed being shot by the hunter.

  -----What do you think of the film last night?

  -----Oh, excellent. It’s well worth seeing a second time.

  I would highly appreciate your calling back this afternoon.

  We are considering changing the plan. On account of the rain, he advised postponing holding the sports meet till next week.

  Hearing the exciting news, I couldn’t help jumping with joy.

  Have you finished repairing the TV set?

  It’s good habit to practice reading aloud early in the morning.

  As you know, studying means working hard.

  The lake is polluted. We don’t allow swimming here.

  Why have they delayed holding the sports meet?

  Sue’s failing in the examination made her parents very angry.

  I don’t like strangers listening to our talk.

  I understand your not wanting to go to the meeting.

  We must do something to prevent the lake being polluted.

  They would rather spend time studying than wonder in the street.

  They is no use our discussing it any further now.

  -----what made you so worried? ------Missing the plane.

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